Voter Registration online / Form 6 / 7 / 8 Download / NEW Apply / Correction / update Voter id

Voter Registration online / Form 6 / 7 / 8 Download / NEW Apply  / Correction / update Voter id
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Form 6 for new voter id Application

·     New voter ID Application    Applying for enrollment as a new Voter for the first time
·         Applying for change of address to another Assembly Constituency within State or from any other place in the country

Form 7  Delete / Include name in voters list
Vote without voter id card Form 7

·         To object the inclusion of a name proposed to be included in the electoral roll or for seeking deletion of a name already included in that part of the electoral roll
·         Can be filed only by a person whose name is already included in the roll for that part

Form 8 for correction of spellings

·       Applying for corrections of any entry in Electoral Roll/Voter ID Card such as mistakes in spelling of the name, age or any other particular.

Form 8A Change of Address

·         Applying for change of Address within the same Assembly Constituency that is the applicant is already a voter and has shifted his residence within the same  Assembly Constituency.

Ways to Apply for Voter id?

  1. Online voter registration
  2. Download Form 6 or other from your regional website and sent by post
  3. Download and fill deliver by self at regional Polling booth office
  4. Collect manually and submit same place (most popular for uneducated people)

How to Register voter id online?

  1. Visit your state regional CEO website and click apply for new or form 6
  2. Enter your details
  3. Upload Photographs, Proof Address and Proof ID (Driving license, pan card, Electricity bill etc),
  4. Click on submit you will get Application Number 
Kindly Note That to track your Voter id registration status in future.

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Voter id verification

Voter id verification

Voter id verification

Voter ID is an identity for all the Indian citizens of age 18 and above, which aids the action of voting. This is the easiest means a citizen can achieve to be part of an active government. The government of India has taken the initiative of making the application process for voter ID online to assist people directly. This is a great success thanks to the team of the each state government organizations combine with the central government.

The usual steps that include application of a voter ID are application where you will need to fill the Form 6 and submit it online or offline with a bunch of documents that are requested along with the form. Once you have submitted the form you can check the status of your form online itself. Then there is the process of Voter's verification, in which the government officials come around to the address you have mentioned in the form to check the validity of the information mentioned in the application form.

Steps to get Voter's ID verification

1.      Login to the website- Each of the state government has its own individual Chief Electoral Officer's official website, which contains details on the process of registering a voter ID in detail. There also will be a link to download or fill the form online itself. Along with these, the website also contains information on how to fill the application form.
2.      Fill Form 6- Form 6 is the application that needs to be filled to register a voter ID, you will have to provide details on the district you are from and your house address and other personal details. There is hyperlink in the website that will aid you in filling the form.
3.      Related documents- There are a bunch of official documents that you will need to provide to register yourself to get a voter ID card. The documents are proof of residence (a telephone bill or electricity bill), proof of age (10th standard marks card) and proof of date of birth of the applicant (Birth certificate). Send copies of these documents to the nearest electoral office either by mail or go directly and submit them.

4.      Verification Process- This is similar to the passport verification process, but in this case an electoral office is appointed to check the validity of the information mentioned in the application form. They will visit your residential address to verify that and also talk to a couple of your neighbors to validate the address.

Why is voter verification necessary?

The necessity of verification arose when some political parties chose to cheat by voting in single person's Voter ID at a different booth. When the government of India noticed such malicious activities they are working very hard to eradicate this act through the Voter ID verification process. There are many other ways through which political parties in India try to cheat and fake in votes for their benefit, but both the state and central government officials are striving very hard to remove such malicious events from taking place at any point of time in the future and now.
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Download voter ID card

Download voter ID card

Download voter ID card

Voting is of very great importance for a country like India, which is democratic and this country needs its citizen to perform the action of voting. To vote you will need the official document that gives you the authority to vote, that is by the Voter Law that is you will need a Voter's ID to vote. Before the time of elections to ensure that people get to vote, the government sets up camps with a team of experts that will help you apply for the voter ID.

If that’s not enough, you can always apply for voter ID either online at the website or you can visit the nearest electoral office and apply for a new voter ID there.
Elaborating the above said sentence, you can apply for a Voter ID at all time using the Chief Electoral Officer's official website, which contains a direct link to the application form, the Form 6 for new applicants. You can fill out the application form online on the website itself, there is also a link that explaining how to fill the form 6 which will be of great use for applicants filling it for the first time in the online process.

The form is self-explanatory and the fields that are marked mandatory needs to be filled for it to proceed to submission. You will also need to upload a photo that is equal to or less 100kB with the already prescribed dimension. Along with this you will need to provide proof of residence, age and birth. These 3 documents needs to be scanned and uploaded in the form and also you will need to mail to the electoral office of your district, for him to authenticate the information.
After the process of submission and validating your documents, then the process of verification takes place. This is a process wherein an electoral officer visits the place of your residence by the address mentioned by you in the application form. This is similar verification that is done by the passport department. The officer here also talks to a couple of your neighbors that will confirm your residence's validity.

After the verification process, you can check the status of your application on the website of the CEO. Usually after the verification you will get the passport in a couple of weeks time. Either you can go and collect your voter ID from the electoral officer near you once the status is complete and verified. Or you can even download voter ID from the website.

To download voter ID from the website you need to perform the search action on the CEO website. Once you provide the necessary fields to optimize your search and click on the search button you will find your name in the electoral list and along with your details in the same row you will find a print link. If you click on this link you can find the soft copy of your voter ID and you can save a copy of it in your local machine. 
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Voter id correction / Photo / Address / Name date of birth change

Voter id correction / Photo / Address / Name date of birth change

Voter id correction

Voting to choose the government that is going to rule you for the next 5 years is also you are being patriotic towards your nation. In India like in many other countries has the voting law, which says that for you to exercise voting you will need a voter ID. The government, be it state or central government is working on spreading the awareness of the importance of voting. One such effort is asking for voter ID copy when registering an SIM card for your mobile, as everyone now needs a mobile irrespective of location and occupation.

The applicants for Voter ID card every year is abundant, the chances of small errors are bound to happen. These errors can be easily corrected again either online or offline, fill out the appropriate application form and submit it online or at the nearest electoral office.
Voter id correction also like the application is made simple and easy by the government with strong allies with state government are successful with this initiative.
Below are the basic steps you can follow when you need a correction in your Voter ID:
  1. ·         Log into the Chief Electoral Officer's website for your state and fill out the form 8. This is the application form that will deal with your corrections. You can fill this online or go to the nearest electoral office and get it from them and fill it.
  2. ·         Submit the filled form with the passport size photo details that are necessary and do not miss filling information correctly. Verify once after the form is filled to ensure that you validate the information entered.
  3. ·         After submitting it, check the status of the application online. This is a simpler procedure when compared to the first timer's application. So the chances of you getting your new voter ID sooner are very high.
  4. Proof documents that are provided for the application of voter ID are not required for a Voter ID correction, as the documents will already be stored against your registration. The officers will verify the changes you requested for that against those unless you have changed your place or location then you will need to provide proof documents all over again.

The Form 8 is very much similar to the form 6 which is filled by first time applicants. There is a hyperlink which is mentioned on the CEO's website that will help you fill out the Form 8 easily. If not, there are many websites that contain details on how to fill this form with images that will make it much easier for the applicants to fill it.

The corrections for a voter ID is simplified too, just like the application process. This may not take as much as the time it took to register your voter ID as the processes reduce to validate your information. Follow the above said instructions to get your corrected voter ID in your post or you can collect it from your nearest electoral office. Do vote with your voter ID holding the right information. 
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Delhi Voter id card online application / correction / forms download voters list, status

Delhi Voter id card online application / correction / forms download voters list, status

Voter id card Delhi

India is a democratic country and the government in India is selected by the citizens. This democratic country provides us every citizen above or aged 18 yrs a right, that is the right to vote. Through this voting, the government is decided which rules the country. Delhi is the capital of India and a state which means a lot to the government of India. The election commission of India is responsible for carrying out all the works related to voting and all the related works. It has its branch state wise. In Delhi, it is the State election commission of Delhi. To vote in any state, you need a voter ID card.

Delhi Voter id card online application

Voter ID and the steps to apply for it:

Every citizen who is of 18 yrs or above age has the right to vote. For voting, one must have a voter ID card. One can apply in two ways for a voter id card.
·         Online method- You need to log into the State election commission official website. For Delhi, it is Once you are logged in, you have to go for enrollment of a new card. Enter the details there and find the form 6. In Form 6 you will be required to fill in some details required for issuing voter ID card. Submit a passport size photograph also. Once done submit your form.

·         Submission of the form at the VREC office- In this method you need to fill up the form 6 offline and submit all the required documents to your VREC office respectively.

Delhi Voter id card  Status Checking:

Once you have applied for your voter ID, you can check the status of your application online by just logging onto the official website mentioned above. Once you are logged in, you will see a screen which will have an option, application ID, applicant name, and house number; select any one of those and fill the required details. Next you will see an option which says form6, form7, form8, and form8a. Select any one of these options and click the search button. Your application status will appear on the screen.

Different forms used for Delhi voter ID card:

There are different forms provided by the election commission to their people. All these forms are used in different situations. There are four types of the form available.
·         Form 6- This form is used for applying for a new voter ID card. It can be obtained online or can be purchased.
·         Form 7- This form is used when an objection is raised against a name which has been entered in the electoral list or for deletion of a name.
·         Form 8- This form is used for any correction required in your voter ID card. You need to submit the supporting documents along with this form for the correction. This form is also used for photo change purpose.
·         Form 8A- This form is used by those personal who wants to transfer their name from one electoral list to another.

There are various sources available the voters to check their name, status and to make corrections in their voter ID card. One must remember that it is necessary to have a voter ID card to utilize the right of the right to vote.
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Voter id laws

Voter id laws
Voter id laws
Voting is as much as a right as a duty towards our country. The voter id laws say that each individual to exercise their voting right needs to register to get a voter ID. So the law basically states that you need a voter ID to vote, simple and clear.

Voter ID also serves as a proof of residence and birth, making it a useful official document to possess. The government of India has enforced the law that you need to provide a copy of the Voter's ID card at time of purchase of a  SIM card. Along with this enforcement, the government also sets up camps in particular places to help and assist people to register their voter ID with ease.

The only exception to this law is that mentally challenged and bankrupt people are exempted from this law that is that they do not have to vote and thus are not required to possess a voter ID. Other than them the law holds good for each and every individual under the government of India.
Now getting on with implementing the law and getting yourself a Voter ID. Below are the basic steps that you need to follow to register yourself under the electoral list.
The basic classification is into two categories-
·         Online Process- Log into the official website of Chief Electoral Officer, go to the form 6 link, fill out the details and submit the form online. Then you will have you mention the application  number that will be generated on submission of the form in the mail or post with the documents of proof that are required to validate your authenticity.
·         Offline Process- This involves you to walk to the nearest electoral office, picking up a form-6 and submitting it with all the details and then attaching it with the requested proof of residence, birth and age with it. This will be acknowledged by the officer with an application number with which you can check the status of your application form.
You can follow one of the above-mentioned process and submit your application, but that still is only halfway through. After the submission of your application form along with the necessary documents you will have to keep checking the status of the application form progress. During which an electoral officer will visit your house and check the validity of the address mentioned in your form and talk with a couple of your neighbors. This a strict process that is followed as part of Voter ID Verification.

After this encounter with the officer, you will be awarded with your Voter ID card in the span of three to 6 weeks in post. Of late, there is also the option of downloading your voter ID card, which the government has made it easier to access for citizens. Follow this process and then enjoy the benefits of the Voter ID Laws, with the advantage of getting a valid proof your mere existence. Enjoy the rule of your favorite party under the democratic governance.
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Rajasthan voter id card status / online application form download / correction / voters list

Rajasthan voter id card status / online application form download / correction / voters list

Voter Id rajasthan

Voting is the most primary duty of each and every one of us and voter ID is meant for it. Every citizen in India needs to have a voter id, some of have us have used it more as an ID proof than to actually vote. The states in India are digitizing this process of getting the voter ID as much as possible. The government has done a great job in making these processes online, which helps most of the citizens easily access their application forms and make the amends if they are necessary and get it all processes. It also helps in providing information to individuals seeking information on their electoral booth and other much needed information regarding their voting.

Rajasthan voter id card status / online application form download 

Starting from the application process of the ID till receiving the ID everything is made available online across all the states in India. Rajasthan in particular is one of the largest state in the country with over 200 legislative assembly seats and 25 Lok Sabha seats, thus indirectly affecting the country's central politics. Basically, there are two ways of doing this, you can either follow the offline or online process of getting your voter ID.
There is an URL provided by the state of Rajasthan that provide status checking based on your ID Card no that is given to you at the time of registration, by the name given by you during the registration process and you can also check the status based on the area or locality you are from.
The process for a voter ID correction is quiet simple, fill out the application form that is meant for rectifying wrong information. Fill out the new details with reference to the old details like the number as the number cannot be changed. This process may take time as the system needs to delete your old information and update it with the new details provided by you.
Most of the forms that are provided under the forms link on the website of CEO Rajasthan are self explanatory. Each of the forms explanation is given on the website itself, which will help you fill in the details that are necessary.
Follow the instructions as provided on the website for a photo change on your voter ID, such as dimension and size of the file. Look for your old voter ID and fill out the correction form attached with the new photo or upload the photo online along with the details that are requested.
There are many Voter list available sources that are offered by the state government of Rajasthan. Online links are provided for us common people to access the voters list to know if our voter ID has been successfully processed or not.
Useful Links:
Below is the link that will help in all the process of voter ID registration
The above link helps you find sources that will aid in the process of
·         Online application of a new Voter ID
·         Search for your name in the electoral roll
·         Online application for overseas voters
·         Corrections application for voters with incorrect details
·         Know the booth of your voting

·         Information on government offices near you


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